i-heal® organizes documentation to reduce inefficiency and improve financials.

One in five wounded patients discharged to skilled nursing facilities are readmitted. Readmissions costs are high, and the value of care is a direct result of the continuity of care from one setting to another. It is imperative to manage both clinical and operational workflows for world-class wound care. The i-heal app can do both.

i-heal has the intelligence to navigate the complexity of wound care EMR and documentation in the following ways:

  • Nursing documents aligned with policies and procedures
  • Wound care documentation and workflow specific to wound care patients
  • Meets Joint Commission requirements
  • Structured to support appropriate billing and wound care claims processing
  • Progress notes generated based on applicable documentation
  • Capacity planning and strategic scheduling
  • Optimized for a Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)
  • Streamlined to support physician billing

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Learn how i-heal helps Wound Care Centers® with organized documentation that results in improved efficiency and productivity.

Nurse: Hi can I help you?
Patient: Yes, I’m here for my appointment.

Narrator: From optimizing your wound care center’s use of time to improving it’s outcomes, and increasing it’s bottom line, i-Heal™ 2.0 EMR is developed with you and your team in mind. Driving your business forward, this intuitive and easy to use EMR, is part of Healogics™ integrated platform.

i-Heal™ 2.0 comes equipped with wound care specific workflows that optimize center performance. The ability to customize documentation to the needs of each patient, clinical decision support that guides care, customization for each physician, wound care specific billing logic, and a suite of hospital connectivity options. i-Heal™ 2.0 EMR offers transparency to information, providing you with a clear picture of your center’s financial and clinical performance metrics.

As part of the Healogics™ network, you benefit from i-Heal’s™ ability to aggregate and compare you center’s performance across the most sophisticated chronic wound databank in the world.

Not only will you know your center’s performance, but you’ll have visibility to the wound center’s impact on other hospital departments. These reports will empower you to evaluate and determine complimentary services that chronic wound patients require. The program’s documentation requirements are based on national organizations such as CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and TJC (The Joint Commission). And defined by HealogicsTMevidence based clinical practice guidelines, and decades of experience running wound centers across the nation.

With i-Heal™ 2.0, physicians and clinicians are equipped with the tools they need to efficiently and effectively collaborate on patient care. i-Heal™ has integrated special features that streamline the documentation efforts of your wound team. Such as quick links and physician alerts. Quick links let you customize your screen to adapt to your patients. It supports billing, and it provides comprehensive wound care medical records. Alerts prompt physicians with best practices at the point of care.

As part of the i-Heal™ 2.0 EMR package, Healogics™ provides routine updates with changes in regulations and incorporates advances in clinical practice. We also provide detailed support from implementation costs and on-site training, to continued help desk support. i-Heal™ 2.0 EMR is at the heart of this vision, and we will continue to enhance the product helping to support operational efficiency and enhance your delivery of care.

i-Heal™ provides you with the confidence that your wound care medical records is complete and current with regulatory requirements.

i-Heal™ delivers transparency of information, a clear picture of financial performance, and data driven analytics and reporting.

i-Heal™ is designed specifically for wound care helping your center deliver clinical excellence, healing more wounds, and changing more lives.


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