Benefits of Healogics At Home

The benefits of Healogics At Home, in concert with regular Center visits, include: enhanced continuity of care, better local coverage determination (LCD) compliance, increased data capture to inform future care, and lower healthcare costs.

Improved Comprehensive Heal Rate & Continuity of Care

Providing exceptional patient care at the Wound Care Center®, followed by the patient’s care at home, is important for wound healing. Many times durable medical equipment (DME) supply orders are not delivered in a timely manner to the patient. Additionally, products are often substituted, and supplies used at home can vary from supplies ordered or used at the Wound Care Center—posing continuity of care challenges that may negatively impact comprehensive heal rate.


In 2019, Healogics developed WoundQ for your DME orders. WoundQ is integrated with i-heal, giving staff the ability to choose a product or product category and quickly assess whether it is in compliance with Medicare Guidelines. With over 3,000 wound care products in the WoundQ database, specific products and combinations can be evaluated (based on A-code) against wound characteristics and sizes documented in an i-heal wound assessment.

Data-Informed Healing

The updates to the provider order and treatment notes screen in i-heal provides the ability to capture product and category-level data at each patient visit. By linking provider-level usage to patient healing rates over time, Healogics is in a unique position to use science and technology to better understand product efficacy in wound healing.

Enhanced Patient Care and Center Efficiency

By choosing a product in compliance with Medicare LCDs, Centers benefit from decreased DME vendor callbacks requesting different products. If the Center chooses a product that is visibly in compliance with Medicare Guidelines, there is no need for the vendor to callback and clarify products. Therefore, the order can be processed at a faster rate allowing the patient to receive the supplies in a timely manner. With a real-time dashboard, providers and nurses are able to see all of their recent orders and their submission status.

Decreasing Healthcare Costs

When providers order products not in compliance with LCD guidelines, patients are often faced with out-of-pocket costs. Healogics offers the Healogics by Dermarite product line—decreasing costs for our healthcare partners for products used in Wound Care Centers, and for patients when they have to make out-of-pocket purchases.

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