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Advanced wound care benefits your patients and your hospital.

Healogics is the nation’s leading provider of advanced wound care. We have been treating patients with chronic wounds for over 20 years, from over 600 hospital-based wound care centers across the country. Today, Healogics treats over 300,000 wound care patients a year and has healed nearly 4M wounds.


What makes Healogics the nation’s leading hospital wound care management company?

Over 20+
years treating wounds

Healogics has been treating patients with chronic wounds for over 20 years.

Over 4M
wounds healed

In total, over the past 20 years, Healogics has helped to heal nearly 4M wounds.

Wound Care Centers®

We have more than 600 Wound Care Centers that provide a wide variety of outpatient treatment techniques.

patients treated annually

Each year, we treat more than 300,000 patient admissions through the Healogics network.

Customized Wound Care Management Services to Meet Your Hospital’s Needs

Healogics provides specially-trained, clinical professionals, refined processes and wound-centric technology for both outpatients and inpatients.

Outpatient Wound Care Centers

Healogics has the expertise, experience and resources to deliver clinical and financial success through a state-of-the-art outpatient Wound Care Center at your hospital.


Inpatient Services

For your ostomy patients and those at risk for a hospital acquired pressure ulcer (HAPU), we can decrease cost and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction by managing your care team, handling supplies and providing technology and training.


Skilled Nursing Facilities

While skilled nursing facilities have options for specialty wound care, Healogics delivers the benefits of expert care across a community’s inpatient and post-acute settings.


Our Hospital Partners

We partner with the nation’s top hospitals to deliver advanced wound care at more than 600 Wound Care Centers across the U.S.

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Development of a Model to Predict Healing of Chronic Wounds Within 12 Weeks

Development of a Model to Predict Healing of Chronic Wounds Within 12 Weeks

Researchers from the University of Southern California (USC) in partnership with Healogics have recently produced a predictive model to identify wounds most likely to heal within 12 weeks. Unlike other models that have been previously published, this model utilized EMR data from over 600,000 wounds, allowing for highly predictive classification across a variety of wound types. Findings from this model also indicated that a wound’s characteristics at initial presentation, such as area, depth, and location, are far more powerful than the patient demographics or comorbidities in determining whether a wound will heal.

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Find out how Healogics advanced wound care solutions can benefit your hospital.

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