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Patients experience many different types of wounds.

Estimated Number of Wound Types Per Year

Diabetic foot ulcer patients: 2,098,750
Venous leg ulcer patients: 817,244
Pressure ulcer patients: 2,906,336
Surgical/trauma wound patients: 519,923
Arterial ulcer patients: 388,730

30.3 million Americans are living with diabetes. Up to 25 percent will experience a foot ulcer.

80 percent of lower extremity amputations are preceded by a foot ulcer.

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The Costs of Chronic Wounds

Spent annually treating chronic wounds
Spent annually on amputation procedures
Average cost of one late-stage HAPU admission
Total impact to healthcare system

Where are advanced wounds treated?

Label Value Percentage
Hospital outpatient wound center 40 40%
Hospital inpatient 20 20%
Long-term care facility 5 5%
Physicians office, ambulatory surgery center or home health 35 35%

Wound care is delivered in many different settings.

Hospital outpatient wound center: 40%
Hospital inpatient: 20%
Long-term care facility: 5%
Physicians’ office, ambulatory surgery center or home health: 35%



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People living with limb loss are more likely to experience decreased life satisfaction.

Resources for Patients Like You

Most patients suffer from hard-to-heal wounds because they are also battling disease, such as diabetes or heart disease. We’ve gathered a library of wound care information to help you understand the connections between your disease and your wound.


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