WCA: The Chronic Wound Epidemic and The Benefits of Advanced Wound Care

Written by Carolyn Shinn, Vice President, Clinical and Quality Process Excellence at Healogics.

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Too frequently, we hear about people who have, for one reason or another, delayed medical treatment, and often they put it off for far too long. The reasons why range from financial concerns to time constraints to the hope that “this will just go away on its own”. Even if one was able to overcome those obstacles, limited access to quality healthcare due to social inequality often presented yet another barrier.

Last year, Healogics released a white paper describing how various social determinants can impact wound healing. Factors such as education level, stress, social isolation and living in a low-income environment can affect overall health and may play a significant role in one’s ability to heal. Access to advanced wound care, despite challenges is a critical first step towards healing. Delays in treatment could lead to costly and preventable hospitalizations or amputations and could even result in death.

The year 2020 has presented us with arguably our biggest challenges yet, as far as access to care. The public health crisis as a result of COVID-19 severely limited access to even the most basic of services.

Throughout this country, communities are taking a stand to raise awareness about social inequity. We are committed to improving access to wound care by raising awareness. During the month of June, we at Healogics are proud to celebrate Wound Care Awareness. Our goal is to educate everyone on the importance of advanced wound care and its benefits to every person living with chronic non-healing wounds.

There is no better time than the present to address the social impacts to healing and the need to ensure continued access to specialized wound care. Our specialty-trained physicians and clinicians are here to help and committed to healing wounds and changing lives.

To learn more about social impacts on wound care, click here to read our white paper: Social Determinants of Health: The Social Impacts on Wound Healing.

For more information, please visit https://www.healogics.com/wound-care-awareness/