Wound Care Facts

Nearly 7 million Americans suffer from chronic, non-healing wounds. Learn more about common types of wounds, who is most at risk and ways to prevent wounds before they develop.

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Specialized care from a Wound Care Center can help your wound heal faster and greatly reduce the risks of complications. Healogics Wound Care Centers provide world-class wound care at leading hospitals nationwide.

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Start your journey to healing today. Early diagnosis and specialized care improve healing and reduce the risks of complications including infection, hospitalization and amputation. No referral is needed.


Why should I go to a Healogics Wound Care Center?

Our wound care doctors only see patients with chronic wounds. Our training and experience are extensive. Also, through Healogics, you have more access to technology and advanced treatments, compared to what is typically available in a general practice.

Do I need a referral?

No. You do not need a referral to request an appointment. However, you should check with your insurance company first. Some companies require you to get a referral for the services to be payable under your plan.

What will happen during my first visit?

There are a few main reasons people get a wound. But, there are many reasons behind why it won’t heal. You and your family’s medical and social history often plays a big role in helping us get to that reason (or reasons). We will:
• Ask you questions around your personal and family history.
• Examine you and your wound.
• Talk about your goals for healing.
• Discuss the need for any additional procedures that might be required to help your wound heal faster.
• Review advanced treatment options available.
• Develop a plan of care just for you.
• Teach you how to care for your wound at home.

Will there be follow-up visits?

Your personal care plan may require regular visits to the Wound Care Center. Each time you come, we will examine you and your wound to see how much progress you have made. We will:
• Review any test results.
• Review your plan of care with you.
• Discuss next steps.
• Answer questions you have about your wound or treatment plan.
• If you have a primary care doctor, we may communicate with them about your wound.

How do I find out if my insurance company will pay?

Wound care services are covered by all insurance companies. However, your insurance company may require prior authorization. This is also called pre-authorization, prior approval, or pre-certification.

Your insurance company will also let you know how much of the cost you are responsible for. This could be a co-payment, co-insurance amount, or deductible amount.

Our wound care doctors participate with all government-sponsored plans. This includes Medicare and Medicaid. We are in-network with commercial healthcare plans as well. These include Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Aetna, Humana and others. However, there may be exceptions. Therefore, please confirm with our Wound Care Center or with your insurance company directly.

Will the Wound Care Center file my insurance for me?

Yes. We will bill your insurance company based on your registration information. If your insurance company changes at any time during your treatment at the Wound Care Center, it is your responsibility to let us know.

How will I be billed?

You may receive multiple bills for the services you receive. These can include bills from:
• The hospital.
• The doctor(s) providing you care.
• Any laboratory testing.
• Any diagnostic services.
• The doctors interpreting your test results.