Three Steps to Protect Your Health During COVID-19


The average patient with a wound has three to four chronic conditions, so COVID-19 is a real threat to your health. Please follow these simple steps to protect your health.

Three Steps

  1. Stay on the path to healing
    • Stay home and only go out for essential needs and care
    • Practice social distancing by keeping a six-foot distance from others
    • Keep your hands clean by using soap and water for at least 20 seconds
    • Practice healthy habits such as maintaining a healthy diet and staying active
    • Listen to your doctor’s advice
    • Get adequate sleep, nutrients and exercise
    • Maintain your wound care visits
    • Adhere to your care plan to increase your odds of healing
  2. See your doctor
    • Wound care is essential and regular visits will help you heal faster
    • If you can’t get to a Wound Care Center®, the Healogics Telehealth option gives you access to a wound care provider
  3. Stay vigilant
    • Even if you have already healed, wounds can reoccur, so check your feet regularly
    • Wounds and sores should not be ignored

Wounds are a problem and COVID-19 are a new threat. It’s important to take care of wounds. Visit to find an advanced wound care option.