Reducing Unwarranted Clinical Variability Visit Frequency 2.0

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As part of the People-first, Patient-centered focus, Healogics® is dedicated to continuously improving patient outcomes. A process was developed to identify and evaluate critical topics to determine the levers which would result in reducing unwarranted clinical variability across our organization and improve Comprehensive Healing Rates (CHR) amongst our patients. Four levers were identified utilizing the “CLEAR” (or Clinically-Led, Evidence-based, Analytically-driven, Research-informed) Approach, which involved reviewing internal and external research to identify evidence-based recommendations.

Patient visit frequency, along with preventing stalled wounds, increasing patient engagement and utilizing advanced modalities, were identified as four key levers to reduce unwarranted clinical variability and improve CHR. This white paper is a follow-up to “Reducing Unwarranted Clinical Variability through Patient Visit Frequency” published in 2020 and examines new data since the onset of COVID-19.