Engagement, an Old Concept, Has a Big Impact on Unwarranted Variability and Healing

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As part of our ongoing research aimed at minimizing unwarranted clinical variability and improving healing rates, we have already reported on visit frequency and the impact of wounds that fail to heal on a normal trajectory. In this report, we describe the impact on healing when patients either cancel visits, or completely quit their treatment plan. It should seem obvious that inconsistent care would result in less favorable outcomes, but we need to look in the mirror when trying to assign the reasons for patients canceling and quitting treatment. Certainly there are situations in which logistics, insurance/co-pay, life events and uncontrollable social situations result in patients having to make health and personal decisions, placing their healthcare on hold. Attributing high cancellation rates to these issues is, however, an easier pill to swallow then looking at our own practice pattern, patient relationship and experience, clinical throughput and outcomes to ensure we are doing all that we can as providers and wound care teams to mitigate against things under our control.