Grand Round: Diabetic Ulcer of the Lower Extremity

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Foot ulcerations are one of the most common complications affecting patients with diabetes mellitus. One in four diabetic individuals will develop a lower extremity ulceration, most commonly in the mid to later stages of life. Roughly 85% of lower limb amputations in this patient population are preceded by an unhealed ulceration. It’s estimated that nearly 80,000 lower extremity amputations are performed each year in the United States on diabetic individuals, with an associated two–year treatment cost of more than $90,000 per person. Of much
greater significance: the 5–year mortality after amputation for this group has been reported at nearly 45%. Recent literature suggests that if more attention is provided to foot care in this high risk patient population, serious complications and even death can be prevented. The Wound Care Center® has a thorough approach to evaluating and managing these difficult diabetic foot wounds. Healing is achieved in cooperation with referring physicians, surgeons, podiatrists and patients.