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Save even more with our private label products.

In addition to offering products from leading manufacturers, iSupply includes a Healogics private label line of advanced dressings, cellular-based tissue products and total contact cast products, each of which was selected through a rigorous analysis of published data and reviewed by Healogics’ value analysis committee of leading wound care clinicians.

Benefits of Sourcing Your Wound Care Supplies with iSupply

iSupply provides top quality wound care dressings and industry recognized cellular-based products for your patients at a fraction of the cost.

Keep your current ordering processes.

There is no change to your current materials management ordering process. You will continue to place orders, receive the products and be invoiced by your distributor as you do currently, with a customized cross-walk provided by Healogics.

Participation is free, and savings are immediate.

There is no charge for participation in iSupply, and you’ll see immediate savings on commonly used wound care products with access to market-leading rates. Typical cost savings is 40% or more on many commonly used products, and there is no annual price inflation for two years.

Learn how to maximize your savings.

Receive quarterly reporting on emerging product issues, feedback, utilization, tracking and an overall market value assessment. Learn how to minimize unnecessary product waste, resulting in ongoing cost reduction opportunities.

Leverage our scale to save on your wound care supplies.

Let’s talk about how iSupply can reduce your costs on high-quality products. Complete the form and a representative will be in touch.