Healogics Raises Awareness of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) to Help Reduce Amputations

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We’re raising awareness of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) throughout September and supporting the American Heart Association’s goal to reduce amputations by 20% by 2030 through increased PAD Awareness, diagnosis and treatment.

People with PAD often have non-healing wounds in their extremities due to the restriction of blood flow limiting the natural healing process, potentially leading to complications, such as amputation. PAD affects nearly 10 million Americans and is a contributing factor in up to 30% of non-healing wounds on the lower leg. Common symptoms associated with PAD include cramping, numbness, weakness or heaviness in the leg muscles, however, up to 40% of people experience no symptoms. One in four people living with late-stage PAD may require amputation within one year.

This educational campaign is part of the Healogics year-long Healing Can’t Wait program, dedicated to empowering both patients and healthcare providers with resources to help improve health, heal wounds and prevent amputations.

Please visit the Healing Can’t Wait webpage to view and download the PAD Awareness Infographic and other educational patient resources for health conditions at risk for common chronic wounds and steps for prevention.