Healogics Raises Awareness About the Impact of Heart Health and Wound Healing

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During our sixth annual Heart Health campaign, February 1 through 28, we are raising awareness of the impact heart health has on wound healing and the importance of screening for wounds especially for people living with cardiovascular disease.

Throughout February, Healogics team members will reach out to their communities to share information and patient-education resources about the affects cardiovascular disease can have on the wound healing process.

Nearly 121.5 million adults are living with some form of cardiovascular disease and nearly 7 million people are living with a chronic wound. Cardiovascular disease puts people at greater risk for chronic wounds and possibly amputations by hindering the delivery of oxygen and nutrition that are vital for proper wound healing. As many as 82 percent of lower leg amputations are the result of poor circulation.

Raising awareness of heart health and the impact on wound healing, as well as the need to seek care when a wound develops, is more important than ever during the pandemic. Dr. William Ennis, Healogics Chief Medical Officer, has identified through global publication research that COVID-19 has led to an increase of 40% to 50% in amputations when comparing equal time frames in 2020 versus 2019.

Wound Care Center® physicians and staff will be reaching out to healthcare providers to spread awareness, encourage screenings and provide useful patient-focused educational resources.