Healing Rates Improve When Patients Keep Scheduled Appointments

Written by Healogics Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Ennis.

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As the leader in wound care, Healogics is committed to sharing the results of our research. We recently published a paper in a peer-reviewed medical journal titled, “Reducing Unwarranted Clinical Variability through Patient Visit Frequency.” In summary, we found that the number one variable that has the most impact on Comprehensive Healing Rate is visit frequency.

Medical findings across various chronic diseases, including wound care, have previously shown better healing with more frequent visits. The prior research on visit frequency in wound care focused exclusively on visit frequency in the first four weeks of treatment. Our new data research focused on patients in treatment for at least 30 days but less than six months. It has added to medical literature showing the importance of adhering to your plan of care throughout all stages of treatment.

Patients Seen As Scheduled Have the Highest Healing Rates1,2

We found that those patients who were seen frequently throughout their treatment course had the highest wound healing outcomes. Additionally, as average time between visits increased, healing decreased.

Frequent visits allow healthcare providers to quickly find and solve any disruptions to healing that may cause the wound to worsen. It is extremely dangerous if a wound becomes infected and often leads to hospitalization. Frequent wound care visits help providers find and treat infections without delay.

Proper wound cleaning and dressing is also important to preventing infections. When patients are seen frequently, providers can make sure the patient has access to the right wound care supplies and is able to clean and wrap their wound correctly between visits.

What’s even more interesting is that additional research suggests visit frequency also provides other positive mechanisms on wound healing, including reduced social isolation and increased support.

Following your doctor’s orders is always good advice, but when it comes to wound healing it is essential. Please take time to make your health a priority during the busy holiday season!

Thank you and be safe,
Bill Ennis, CMO Healogics


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