Advanced Wound Care Treatments

Advanced Wound Care Treatments
Wound Care Centers® Can Help Wound Heal Faster

The advanced wound care treatments provided at our Wound Care Centers are proven effective by years of research and analysis. Healogics mission to advance wound healing includes ongoing research to improve healing rates for people with non-healing wounds.Our proprietary data, along with analysis of respected medical literature, indicate that wounds that are hard-to-heal require specialized care. . The longer a chronic wound goes untreated, the greater your risk of infection, or possibly amputation. Your individual plan of care may include one or more of the following treatments.

Debridement is the process of removing dead tissue from wounds. It is necessary for healing because dead tissue hinders the growth of new cells and makes it easier for infection to occur. Healogics research shows that debridement creates a better healing environment and increases positive healing outcomes when performed at least once compared to patients that never received debridement. These findings were most notable for the most complex wounds including arterial, pressure and diabetic grades 3, 4 and 5. Read a white paper on how hyperbaric oxygen (HBO therapy) is used as a lever for reducing unwarranted clinical variability.

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Pressure relief, including total contact casting or offloading, requires that no weight or pressure is put on the wounded leg or foot. Interventions to prevent weight-bearing include boots, crutches or wheelchairs.

Tissue-growing therapies help new skin cells develop by delivering living tissue directly to the wound. This activates the body’s inherent ability to repair and regenerate through new cell growth.

Negative pressure wound therapy involves placing a vacuum over a dressed wound, which draws the fluid from the body through the wound and stimulates blood flow to the wound.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and tissue with a pressurized, oxygen-rich environment that allows blood plasma to carry up to 20 times the normal amount of healing oxygen. Our research indicates HBOT can significantly impact conditions including tissue radiation necrosis, chronic refractory osteomyelitis, osteoradionecrosis, radiation cystitis and diabetic foot ulcers grades 3 and 4.

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