HSP Education

Virtual Provider Course

The Virtual Provider Course for providers is designed to meet the clinical and lifestyle needs of our busy practitioners.

Healogics is committed to sharing our wound care expertise. Practically speaking, this begins with robust and relevant wound care and hyperbaric education for all providers. Healogics takes a two-pronged approach for provider education, including content in both hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and wound care. The HBOT course is an online, asynchronous comprehensive overview of Hyperbaric Medicine, the diagnosis and management of the hyperbaric medicine patient, and hyperbaric facility operations. A team approach, using featured case studies is utilized to highlight hyperbaric medicine practices. The Wound Care content is delivered with a series of online modules, including the etiology of wounds, Healogics essential steps for wound healing, reimbursement and coding, and clinical wound care skills. Your learning experience will help you develop an in-depth foundation to prepare you to transition to your role in the Wound Care Center®.

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