Why does our wound science research matter to health plans?

Payers want better outcomes at lower costs. Our Wound Science Initiative accelerates the speed of learning, so that we can identify the best evidence-based treatments that will work for your members more quickly and with far less guesswork.

We are healing more wounds and improving the cost of care through data-driven research.

Healogics Wound Science Initiative was launched in 2017. Since that time, we have published multiple peer-reviewed manuscripts, white papers and research briefs, delivered webinars, and partnered with leading advocacy and academic organizations on ground-breaking research projects. The Wound Science Initiative is improving patient outcomes and improving the cost of care.


Charts and graphs over tablet
“Our Wound Science Initiative takes advantage of the confluence of three macro trends: availability of more and diversified data across the continuum, new technology platforms that enable real-time data gathering and sharing and predictive analytics tools that promise to reduce waste and improve patient outcomes.”

William Ennis, DO, MBA, FACOS
Chief Medical Officer

Take advantage of our database with research services.

Because we have accumulated one of the world’s largest wound care databases, we can conduct research projects using our HIPAA-compliant, deidentified data to improve the field of wound care or gain insight into improving the patient experience. Our research services team includes data scientists, clinical researchers, biomedical engineers and population health experts.

If you are interested in speaking with Healogics about commissioning a research study, complete the form and a representative will be in touch.