Scheduled Appointments are Essential to Healing Wounds

Written by Healogics Chief Medical Officer, Dr. William Ennis.

Following your doctor’s orders is always good advice, but when it comes to wound healing, it is essential. As the leader in wound care, Healogics® is committed to sharing the results of our research and is dedicated to continuously improving patient outcomes. Medical findings across various chronic diseases, including wound care, have previously shown better healing with more frequent visits.

In 2020, we implemented the “CLEAR” Approach (Clinically-led, Evidence-based, Analytically-driven, Research-informed). From this effort, we established the “Big 4” – Visit Frequency, Stalled Wounds, Patient Engagement and the Use of Advanced Modalities – to help reduce unwarranted clinical variability across our organization and improve Comprehensive Healing Rates (CHR) amongst our patients. Additionally, a series of white papers were released on these specific topics.

This white paper “Reducing Unwarranted Clinical Variability Visit Frequency 2.0” is a follow-up to “Reducing Unwarranted Clinical Variability through Patient Visit Frequency.” published in 2020 and examines new data since the onset of COVID-19 focusing on the concept of engaging patients and seeing them consistently to improve outcomes.

The importance of adhering to your plan of care throughout all stages of treatment.

We found that patients who were seen frequently throughout their treatment course had the highest wound healing outcomes. The medical literature on various chronic diseases, including wound care (by both Healogics and independent researchers), demonstrates better outcomes with more frequent visits, particularly in those seen weekly.

  • Frequent visits allow healthcare providers to quickly identify warning signs in wound healing before it goes from bad to worse.
  • Frequent visits help providers quickly find and treat infections, helping to avoid a hospital visit.
  • The patient is educated on how to properly care for their wound between visits.
  • Social interaction and increased support have positive effects on wound healing.

Please take time to make your health a priority. Consistently maintaining your scheduled appointments is an integral part of wound healing.

Thank you and be well,
Bill Ennis, CMO Healogics