National Partnerships: 3 Powerful Ways to Succeed Together

As the healthcare industry evolves, our goal at Healogics remains the same – to deliver exceptional quality outcomes, while driving operational and financial efficiencies for our partners. To do this, we focus on creating and maintaining strategic partnerships designed to find, treat and heal those living with chronic wounds.

Our people, processes, and proprietary tools make Healogics uniquely qualified to manage the full scope of hospital wound care services, big or small. We can make an impact through national-level partnerships within health systems that reach multiple communities regularly.

Such national alliances provide certain advantages that also help us extend the reach of our wound care, while collectively streamlining processes and procedures. With that in mind, Healogics focuses on three specific ways in which we’ve seen success when partnering with our national accounts.

3 Powerful Ways to Succeed Together


Serve as Champions

The most critical step in starting and maintaining a national-level partnership is to ensure that both missions are aligned to best serve the patient. Healogics’ ability to utilize scale to both grow the business and reduce costs is a testament to our collective efforts with our hospital partners. When pairing our wound care experience with a health system’s ability to scale, we find ourselves coming together to   pool resources with the purpose of healing the patients in need of our care.

Share Expertise & Resources

At Healogics, collaboration is at the heart of our national success. With a commitment to transparency in reporting, data collection, and revenue cycle management activities, Healogics ensures that our hospital partners receive accurate and timely information on their patients. Our experience in working side-by-side with our partners has evolved into national-level platforms in which we can both share best practices, research, and new technologies, ultimately creating improved access for all.

Scale Reach Through Combined Strategies

Healogics recognizes the value and relevance of data to drive continuous, collaborative learning towards a better understanding of how to efficiently utilize healthcare resources to effectively manage this growing population. When research and education efforts are coordinated at the national level, we further improve advanced wound care by sharing information between healthcare providers, which can lead to more effective treatment plans and improved patient outcomes. By collaborating on initiatives such as diabetes awareness or foot ulcer prevention, healthcare providers can realize cost savings through the sharing of our resources and expertise, while eliminating any redundant efforts on either end.

With over 7 million Americans living with chronic wounds, we at Healogics remain committed to doing our part, in developing strategic partnerships that provide hospitals with the necessary resources to find, treat and heal more patients. As your partner in advanced wound care, Healogics guarantees an unmatched partnership experience from day one. Let’s create a strategic partnership that will help you heal your community, one wound at a time.

Partner With Us

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