Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and diabetic foot ulcer outcomes: A novel approach

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Research findings on the impact of HBOT on diabetic ulcer outcomes varies considerably. Some studies note a positive effect of HBOT on outcomes, while other studies are less conclusive (de Smet et al., 2017). Studies of HBOT and outcomes often face a number of methodological limitations such as inadequate sample size or limited external validity. As a result, questions remain regarding the efficacy of therapy.

In order to address gaps in knowledge regarding HBOT and the diabetic ulcer, Healogics commissioned a third-party academic health services research group to conduct a HBOT outcomes study. The primary research question is what is the effect of HBOT on wound healing and amputation in Wagner grade 3 and 4 diabetic ulcers? All data analyses were conducted by the external research group. The findings of the full study will be developed for peer-review; however, a subset of the key findings is reported here.