Richard Galentino

President, Healogics Wound Care Supply

Richard Galentino, President, Healogics Wound Care Supply, brings innovative solutions to the field of wound care, improving the patient experience across the continuum of care. Drawing from an extensive background of diverse leadership experiences, Richard skillfully blends technology, education and business to create lasting change within the healthcare sector. His history encompasses leadership roles within a variety of public, private, and nonprofit healthcare agencies, including HealthStream, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSTM), where he created an innovation team to serve the top healthcare systems in the country with SaaS based healthcare solutions.  Richard has responded to unique patient and healthcare staffing needs by creating academic-industry partnerships including the Duke University School of Medicine & Nursing Frail Elder Certificate Program.  He also led the strategic planning initiative for Vanderbilt University’s Institute for Global Health drawing upon his experience leading healthcare infrastructure initiatives as part of PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Program for Aids Relief). An avid volunteer, Richard has served within numerous charitable organizations, and taught economics overseas through Jesuit Volunteers at St. Augustine University in Tanzania, Africa.

At Healogics, Richard has spearheaded the creation and digital transformation of several large-scale endeavors, including the creation of the Healogics At Home durable medical equipment business, which services more than 600 wound care clinics across the United States. As President of Wound Care Supply, Richard leads WoundQ (Electronic Health Records Smart Ordering Platform), iSupply (clinic and patient supply chain), revenue cycle, and technology (EHR) teams—ensuring that patients who need wound healing products receive the best possible care in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Richard earned his Doctor of Education from Vanderbilt University, a Masters from Harvard University (International Education Policy & Economics), and a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (International Economics) from the Georgetown University.  Richard and his family live in Nashville, Tennessee where they play soccer, go hiking and raise chickens.

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